Emotional Cleansing - A Journey of Mind and Body / by Mike Stacey

Abe Khamis and I had met in a Sydney Meet-up group and decide to get together and combine Abe's knowledge of lighting with my artistic background. Also on board was Gina Ananiadis who provided her expertise in styling and also writing to help create the storyline for this set.

Abe had hired Kedori, a male figure model to do some Herb Ritt's style figure work whilst Gina and I had been thinking about Meluxine for some styled tough girl shots. Anne Duffy had recommended Meluxine so I didn't hesitate in booking her in for the morning. Gina and I decided we could design something interesting by using both Meluxine and Kedori together and so set about writing a 5 beat story arc based around the Sub and Dom roles. Both models were absolutely superb in playing their roles and acted out the story arc to perfection. Go here to see the full set.

Of course I always shoot some portraits - and on film - with the Pentax and 105mm lens. Here they are too:

Meluxine on Tri-X - natural light

Emotional Cleansing: A journey of mind and body