Art at the Art Gallery / by Mike Stacey

This was the second shoot with Anne Duffy and I had some public nudity in mind. Anne is completely comfortable in her skin and has no issues with being nude in public so was a perfect choice. I also needed the drama she can add to her amazing poses to give these images their life.

I scoped the area before hand and had the exact shots and locations all worked out. Abe Khamis also had a concept for Anne and so we combined forces again. We began in front of the NSW Art Gallery in the Domain at about 7am or something like that. We got the shots done quickly and efficiently; most of them being shot in the middle of the road out front of the gallery. There were plenty of joggers and runners around and no one hassled us until a buggy rolled up from the Botanic Gardens with a couple of Rangers in it. The guy was cool and had a broad smile across his face as he proceeded to tell us "mate, you can't do this here, really you just can't do this..." Anne stood completely comfortably nude alongside the buggy and it was funny watching the guy making a concerted effort to not look. Anyway, luckily we'd nearly got our shots by then so we moved off to the underground area of the Domain carpark where we shot two more locations, one on the moving walkway and another in an underground alley.

Finally, we wound up at St Mary's cathedral where Abe wanted to shoot Anne in some lingerie and also in her stunning Victorian outfit. We got some disgusted looks from a few people whilst shooting the lingerie but all in all, the location was superb.

Another one of those shoots where I come home and find so many keepers I can't believe it. This is solely due to the quality of the model, Anne is superb.