Cold Asylum

One freezing cold day in the middle of a Blue Mountains winter I worked with Bianca in an abandoned, remote and even colder building in the upper mountains. I had scoped this location quite well a couple of weeks prior and knew that at 10am the light was perfect. Trouble is, the day of the shoot was very overcast and flat. Still, some buildings have a magic about them and this is one of those. The quality of light filtered through the forest outside and then in through the windows is exquisite. Add Bianca's perfect skin and her body literally glowed like soft white velvet.

This was a big call for a model and I appreciate Bianca's efforts immensely. It was that cold she had to slap on an old jacket of mine and some Ugg boots of hers between every shot. In the end, this was a classic art-nude shoot and the results are very pleasing. Thanks Bianca!