Dynamic Beauty

Abe Khamis and I had booked Sydney Photographic Studio in Roseberry for this shoot with Anne Duffy. Myself and Gina Ananiadis had a theme we had been thinking about for a while, based on some Herb Ritts images - the ones in stark black and white with nudes and black fabric. We wanted to do our own version of this so we bought some chiffon of various thickness and worked out a set of poses to begin from. 

The night before the shoot, we stressed over how the fabric would work under the studio lights and all sorts of stuff - nothing seemed to be coming together when we experimented with the fabric. Hint: don't work out the shoot details and poses the night before :)

So we picked Anne up at 7:30am from where she was staying in Sydney and drove down to Roseberry. Abe got the lights set up and Gina gave Anne the fabric. Anne was getting ready, Abe was adjusting the lights and taking some light readings so I raised the camera to take a look. Anne only had the fabric loosely draped over her head and not even ready yet but I knew from that first glance through the viewfinder that all our worries had just vanished, instantly. All would be fine. The view of Anne's wonderful porcelain-like skin, the black chiffon, her natural wild hair and beauty was compelling.

We started with a couple of fixed poses that Gina and I had in mind. They worked well, the shots were good, even very good - but then Anne started moving and things changed radically. I hardly directed at all, just let Anne do her thing. I set the shutter so as to capture the movement, the flurry and blur of the fabric. These shots are fantastic thanks to Anne's ability to move dynamically, as opposed to the usual skill of static posing. What we got were shots of beauty in motion, which is more than I expected from the shoot. Hats off Anne.