Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Back to my fave hotel again for this shoot with the lovely Polish girl, Katarzyna. We'd been following each other on Instagram and made contact to organise a shoot. Kat had lots of ideas, it was obvious she was motivated and creative. Things like that matter to me. Some photographers don't care that much, as long as the girl will take her clothes off, they're happy. Sad, but quite true. I don't care if clothes are on or off, either way, there are a million things to do and depending on the all important concept that I've agreed on with the model - clothes may be required and they may not be. I always discuss the type and style of clothes too, and bring my own favourite items along to each shoot - things that I know will work with the style of photography/lighting that I do. Some items have proven very popular, so popular that I'm going to have find some alternatives soon! The other important aspect is how the clothes are worn - but that's usually worked out at shoot time.

I could tell Kat was a bit crazy - perfect. So I booked a room and we started shooting at about midday. I had a different room this time with a totally different aspect so had to work out how to use the resulting different light. There were a number of 'sweet spots' in the room with 'that' light so we started with one of those spots - which was the bed.

Makeup by Grace Luck

The light was super. My favourite light actually. As usual, no need for artificial light here.

So Kat wanted to get up on the mantlepiece. No problems.

After an initial set of images we got ready for the video that we had been planning. Kat had provided about 5 options for music but I admit I had a hard time seeing the music fitting what we were going to do. That's OK. I'm always open to ideas and don't like being stuck in my own creative mindset or rut. So best idea is just start shooting, get things moving and go with the flow based around a loose story which we gad agreed on. The first half of the story was set in the hallway, the stairs and in the room. 

The second part of the story was a bath scene. This was Kat's idea and she had some particular things in mind. I really appreciate the trust she placed in me to do this and I don't underestimate that. I appreciate that trust that all models place in me for everything, but especially for video as not many people are used to doing it.

Stills from the movie...


It's one thing to trust a photographer with the stills shooting - its another thing entirely to trust them with video, and then on top of that being in a small bathroom and nude in a bath with the photographer standing one leg either side of the bath over the top of you. That takes much trust, especially when you haven't worked with that person before. So thank you Kat.

One problem with the bath scene. No plug for the bath. No problems, within a few minutes Kat had grabbed a paper cup and I shoved it in the plug hole - perfect fit! And, it worked perfectly too. Hence the name of this story.

I'm so happy with this video. It's different to what I normally do and I can thank the collaboration with Kat for that. 

We shot another set of stills on film after the bath scene using Kat's now wet hair for a different look. 

And the very last shot of the day, on film...

So what's next? Well, the video will be finished soon and tons more stills.

Next shoot? A number are in the pipeline as usual plus a really interesting video project. Stay tuned here for updates.