Parisian Cabaret in Surry Hills

I've worked with Scarlette twice before, here and here, and once when she was the model for a workshop I ran back in April. She's great to work with, and the first shoot we did produced so many stunning images of varied genres that it's obvious she's a very versatile model.

Scarlette was keen on a Moulin Rouge theme and loves corsets so she brought along a set of nice black lingerie complete with the black corset. She also brought two other outfits which were nothing short of stunning. And I had a sheer black top I was keen for her to wear for some portraits. So, there's 4 looks. We did them all in two hours.

The Moulin Rouge theme was perfect for this hotel as that cabaret world in Paris was happening around the same time as this hotel was built - the late 1800s.

Scarlette's red hair and pale skin is really just so amazing - and set in a hotel room like this one along with the lingerie and outfits made some really stunning pictures. I shot both digital and film. 4 rolls of Portra 400 and about 200 digitals. There's quite a bit of editing to do cause we got so many great shots!

The light in the room was particularly amazing - it was heavily overcast so the soft reflected light from the light coloured roofs opposite the window created some beautiful effects on Scarlette's skin. I brought my usual lights with me, but as usual, didn't use them.

I absolutely loved this creamy sparkly dress Scarlette had - the colour palette of that with her hair and skin in this light I knew would be something else.

And of course, I brought my usual bag of tricks - the fave item for this hotel are the sheer black tops. Anything sheer, preferable black, works a treat with the way I shoot and light my shots.

Many, many more images coming from this shoot